Photographic hides of Little Bustard

The Little Bustard is one of the most beautiful and spectacular birds of the Iberian steppes. Come to enjoy of them during the springtime.

Little Bustard, Photographic Hides of Little Busta

Season: March – May

Max People: 8

Peñalajo – Aprisco, Ciudad Real

Price: from 125€

About our photo hides for photography the Little Bustard

The Little Bustard is one of the most beautiful and spectacular birds of the Iberian steppes. It is in demographic decline due to agricultural intensification.

The type of sustainable agricultural exploitation carried out in PEÑALAJO-APRISCO means that good populations of Little Bustard (Tetrax tetrax) still survive in the area.

During the spring, mainly in April and May, one of the most amazing spectacles in the animal world takes place, when the species comes into heat and the males develop their reproductive display with the aim of courting the females.

The photography of this species is carried out from portable hides due to the need to adapt the location of the hides to the bird’s singing areas.

Little Bustard, Photographic Hides of Little Busta


From 1 April to 31 May

2024 Prices and photo Workshops

The daily rate for the Little Bustard hides service (including a guide and a 4WD vehicle) is 125€ per person per day.

This includes the possibility of repeating the session free of charge if the first session is unsuccessful.



• LITTLE BUSTARDS PHOTO WORKSHOP from April 25th tom 28th see tour

Equipment and services

Lenses around 400mm are ideal for this activity, 300mm and 500mm are equally suitable, shorter or longer lenses may cause problems with framing.

It is necessary to use tripods in the hides.

The hides are portable canvas hides with chairs inside that can be easily moved around.

Our guides will pick you up at the entrance of the estate at the indicated time with 4WD vehicles and will distribute you in the different photographic hides. 

Enjoy some pictures taken in our Little Bustard photo hide in Peñalajo.

The estate

PEÑALAJO is an estate of 2,260 hectares located between the municipalities of Santa Cruz de Mudela and Almuradiel in Ciudad Real, very close to the northernmost foothills of Sierra Morena. 

It is bordered to the west by the Autovía del Sur motorway, which in fact has its own exit for this estate, number 227, which attests to the historical importance of this place.

PEÑALAJO has always been famous for its high density of partridges and wild rabbits, and more recently for its cheese and olive oil. It was a meeting place for the European aristocracy in the past, and nowadays remains a point of reference and of great economic importance for the area.

The farm still conserves some of its traditional uses and has gradually relegated others, but has always considered the conservation of Mediterranean, pasture and steppe habitats as one of its essential identities.

They have been indispensable collaborators in recent times for the reintroduction of the Iberian lynx in Ciudad Real, working together with the different local and regional administrations and organisations such as WWF, to improve the habitat of the Iberian lynx and to improve the local wild rabbit population. It was awarded the Iberlince prize for its contribution to the recovery of the Iberian Lynx within the framework of the European LIFE programme.

The result, several years later, is that PEÑALAJO and its geographical surroundings have one of the highest densities of Iberian Lynx in the Iberian Peninsula, with 2 breeding nuclei, located inside the estate and another one in an adjoining estate, which partially occupies PEÑALAJO’s land, detecting a continuous passage of animals between both sectors.

Its geographical position is excellent, just over 2 hours and 15 minutes by motorway from Madrid Adolfo Suarez Airport.

Adjacent to the north we find the FINCA EL APRISCO of about 600ha with a breeding nucleus of Iberian lynx and an excellent habitat for steppe birds.

At APRISCO, as well as good sessions of lynx, there are extraordinary sessions of little bustard during the spring.

Finally, adjoining PEÑALAJO to the south is NAVARREDONDA, in the municipality of Almuradiel.

This beautiful estate has about 1000ha of land and three Iberian lynx breeding nuclei. It is an estate with a more open forest structure and a rougher terrain that favours observation, excellent for photographic safaris, perfectly complementing the services offered by the other two estates.

How to get there?

PEÑALAJO is located next to the Autovia del Sur (motorway A4), between the towns of Santa Cruz de Mudela and Almuradiel, 15 minutes from Valdepeñas.

Motorway exit number 227.

It is about 2 hours and 15 minutes south of Madrid airport. If flying from abroad we recommend renting a car at the airport.

There are train options from Madrid to Santa Cruz de Mudela.


For proximity and service we recommend the HOTEL ECOLÓGICO TORAL, in Santa Cruz de Mudela. 

An equally economical option is HOTEL EL COTO in the town of Almuradiel.

Our reservations staff will help and advise you with your accommodation.

Little Bustard, Photographic Hides of Little Busta

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