Sighting of Brown Bears

The Cantabrian bear, a symbol of conservation in Spain. We offer guiding services in Somiedo Natural Park and in Fuentes Carrionas Natural Park.

Come and live the Cantabrian bear watching in Spain as you never have before.

Cantabrian Bear, Sighting Cantabrian Brown Bear

Season: May – Sept

Max People: 15 pax

Cantabrian mountain range

Price: 100€

Cantabrian brown bear watching in Spain

The Cantabrian brown bear is a true emblem of conservation in the Iberian Peninsula, as its number everal decades was only a few dozen, and nowadays it is fortunately in full recovery with several hundred confirmed individuals

Spring and summer are the most suitable times for sighting brown bears in the Cantabrian mountain range, during the rutting and summer feeding season, although observations can take place throughout the year.

Each full day consists on two brown bear watching trips, one in the morning and one in the afternoon, but with an added plus: we reinforce the informative part of the product.

The average duration of each excursion (morning and afternoon) will be around 3-4 hours, varying according to the daily activity of these mammals.

The observation outings will focus on two different sectors of the Cantabrian mountain range, the Somiedo Valley in Asturias and the Fuentes Carrionas Natural Park in the Montaña Palentina.

Cantabrian Bear, Sighting Cantabrian Brown Bear


Spring season: Daily from May 1st to June 30th.

Summer season: Daily from 1st August to 30th September.

Outside these periods, private tailor-made departures can be requested.

Customer pick-up points

Cervera de Pisuerga (Palencia) in front of Hotel Peñalabra.

Plaza de Pola de Somiedo, next to the Park Interpretation Centre.

Note: The activity of the bears depends on many factors, mainly the availability of food and their degree of maturity. We will be honest at all times about the possibilities of observation at each moment and each location as they may vary throughout the season.

Prices and multi day tours

Adult: 100€ /full day

Children: (up to 14 years old): 60€/full day


In addition to our single day tours, we offer multi day tours with accommodation included and multilingual guides. Un fortunately the brochures are not yet translated into English on the webpage but you can request them in our office in the email

• BROWN BEAR SHORT TRIP, from May 24th to 26th see tour

• THE BIG 3, WOLVES, BEARS & WILDCATS I, from july 29th to august 4th  see tour

• THE BIG 3, WOLVES, BEARS & WILDCATS II, from september 1st to 7th  see tour

Cantabrian Bear, Sighting Cantabrian Brown Bear


Cervera de Pisuerga (Palencia)

Budget accommodation: Hostal el Resbalón.

Good value for money accommodations: Hotel Peñalabra, Hotel El Roble.

High quality accommodations: Parador de Fuentes Carrionas.


Pola de Somiedo (Asturias)

Budget accommodation: Hotel el Meirel.

Good value for money accommodations: Hotel Castillo de Alba.

High quality accommodations: Hotel Casa Miño.

Cantabrian Bear, Sighting Cantabrian Brown Bear